What is The Regal Cigar

The Regal Cigar is a handcrafted wood cigar pipe that simplifies the way you smoke. It is a versatile and comfortable device that allows you to get right down to business - Smoking. Load the chamber and light the cigar. It really is that easy. When you've finished smoking, a couple light taps with the cigar chamber facing downwards, or a poke with a tool will easily empty out the ash.

How do I use The Regal Cigar?

When you first purchase your Regal Cigar, make sure to check and wipe out the chamber to ensure no undesired materials are inside.

Then, place a pipe screen in the bottom to help reduce any marijuana or ash from being inhaled. Now, place your marijuana in the chamber. Ensure chamber packing allows for airflow. Some prefer a 2nd screen on the front to keep the chamber from emptying itself while smoking. If the chamber is filled completely, light taps on the side after a few draws will help to move your marijuana around to get a complete burn.  

When finished, remove front screen if applicable, empty chamber with a few upside taps on the side of the pipe. Chamber cleaning tool is recommended to be used for optimal function but not required. Check screen at bottom is in desired placement and follow from the beginning to start again. 


What lighter(s) are recommended?

When choosing a lighter, your options are diverse. Some prefer to stick with the traditional methods such as a wick or matches. These are great choices and ensure the heat goes directly into the chamber.

Others prefer to use devices such as electronic ignition, jet or standard butane lighters. All work well with The Regal Cigar. It is your personal choice. The chamber will, over time, darken and have a slightly charred tip. This will give your Regal Cigar a desired allure.

Caution: When using high temperature devices, such as jet lighters, the wood itself may burn more than desired. Exercise caution when using any flammable devices.

Does The Regal Cigar work with Wholesalers?

Wholesale requests are welcomed at this time by emailing us at info@theregalcigar.com. Pricing and availability is dependant on quantity required.